Friday, October 30, 2009


Went to feed the girls this morning, fed them and watered there yard, so it would be soft for them to dig for worms/bugs etc. Then went off watering the rest of the garden, as I looked back to see what the chooks were fighting over,they were so excited, it looked like a big, like huge worm, but it was a baby brown snake. The head was in a one chooks mouth and the body and tail were in other chooks mouths, and the snake was still fighting for life, so I though I had better rescue them for there own good. Had to fight to get the snake off the chooks, the one with the snakes head in her mouth, she had fought for it, and it was hers, and she was not letting anyone have it. So I pryed it from her, and she let go, the snake takes off across the yard. I had nothing on hand to kill it with so I used the brick on the roof of the chook shed. I put the snake in a jar cause it was still alive, and I like dead snakes. I hope the chook lives, cause she had the snakes head right down her throat. Anyway later today when the snake was dead, I put it back in the chook pen, so they could play with there large worm, and they had fun. The offender is now no more. And these are the days of our lives.

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